Sunday, August 3, 2008

more racks

more market bag racks are available!

this one...
and this one...

more to come soon!


i have an interview on monday for a position as an order processor, answering phones and taking orders.

if i get the job, i will continue to update the yellow canoe shop as much as i currently do, which won't be difficult since i haven't been updating as much as i'd like to lately.

the reason for this is because i broke 2 of my rapidograph pens and i'm waiting to buy new pens...until then i can't do anything other than print.

i miss drawing pine trees.

i will buy new pens after i get home from the world's longest yard sale, which i'm going to in 4 days.

i can't wait!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I did not go to The World's Longest Yard Sale this year (purged + had a yard sale of my own). YOU MUST REPORT ON YOUR TRIP!!!!!!! AND YOU MUST REPORT ON YOUR FINDS!!!!!!!!

p.s. extra exclamation marks mean business, sis-ta!

p.p.s. good luck on the interview.

Justin said...

These are very cool. I like the simple retro pattern.