Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hi Again!

So the last time I posted was in August?!? I guess it's because I started working more hours so Yellow Canoe is kind of just...there.

But here are a few things I've been making:

"The Mountain"

"Sit Still"

Latest sweater/coat/bag rack:

"Sugar Mountain"

In action....

Getting ready for the holiday rush on Etsy and hoping that it goes as well as last year.
We'll see, though.

I've been working on a bunch of one-of-a-kind key/necklace racks, which I'm hoping to start listing today.

I'm working in the customer service department of a large corporation now and I am thinking about applying at some retail place just for seasonal work. If I do that, I'm not really sure what will happen with Yellow Canoe as far as updates go. I worked from home for about 8 months and learned a lot during that time. I definitely realized that it's not for me! I just need more structure in my life I guess. It was always a dream to never have to work for someone again, but once that dream came true I found that there is a lot more stress involved than I cared to deal with.
I have been much happier since creating has become something I look forward to again. I also have big plans of getting back into book binding because I miss it dearly...I haven't bound a journal in almost a year! I hope I haven't forgotten any of it, because it was something that I taught myself how to do and there are really a lot of little tricks that I learned along the way that made things easier. I've been collecting pretty paper for awhile now and my stash is gigantic- I can't wait to offer journals again! Right now it's just a matter of finding a new paper supplier for the signatures. More on that later, but when it happens it will be through my Operation Paper Cut shop.

For now I'm off to paint. Thanks for visiting.

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Doing what I do full time has never been my goal, like you I need structure. I also did not want it to become something I HAD to do, but something I WANT to do, which is why I no longer take on commissions.

The goal is to do this part-time + another job part-time. I guess I gotta get back to the press if I want to get cracking on that goal.