Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shop the sale through the 24th here.


So, something REALLY strange happened. The last post I made on here just kind of vanished. It was up for about 8 days or so, and I came last night to see if there were any new comments and it's gone. So odd. I checked everywhere for it, not like there are many places it could be. I never deleted it so who knows where it went. Blogger ate it, I guess.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

{New Stuff}

Hello friends!

I haven't been able to create too many new things this past's because of me being stupid and relisting items on etsy that I didn't have ready but could "easily" reproduce. That was dumb...of course, almost everything I sold in the past week was one of the things that still had to be made. It sounded good at the time, since it's all paint and block prints rather than one of a kind items...but I will NEVER do that again! SO time consuming, and honestly, I have a lot more fun coming out with new things rather than duplicates...kind of like these:

{Most are still available in the shop!}

Water Bug

Here's the big one I told you about last week! 8" x 18".

A mini one, for those who like mini things...

A new design, inspired by iron gates!

Things to come:

+My fabric has not arrived yet, so the pillows and other things will be pushed back.
+I hope to release another new design tomorrow, and one more next week. One is Moroccan inspired and the other one is Scandinavian inspired.
+Coat and scarf racks to come! I'm working on a custom one right now, I hope to show you by Monday!
+New illustration jewelry racks coming by Friday, hopefully.


In other news:

I'm having a contest! Here are the details: Yellow Canoe has sold 62 items to date. How many items do you think will be sold by midnight EST, December 31? Leave your guess in the comment section, along with your email address if you'd like to play along! The person who guesses the exact number will win a mini key rack/jewelry holder in their choice of pattern and colors. (Mini racks measure about 4"x5.5").

Your guess must be submitted by Tuesday, December 18.
You must leave your email address.
Only one guess per person, please.
Read the comments before yours to make sure you don't guess the same number as somebody else!
Have fun!

Okay, that is all. Time to clean up my shipping station...WOW is it ever messy!
Take care, don't forget to guess a number!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

:: New Stuff ::

I've been busy here at Yellow Canoe...
Many of the pieces are still available.

A small key rack, for those of you who like all things small:

Custom order:Block printed journal:

Small piece...

Flip books...

A small key/jewelry rack:

Lookout for new things to come by mid-January:

+ Larger pieces. I'm currently working on 2 that measure 8" x 18".
+ Coat and scarf racks- I'm looking forward to these!
+ Block printed pillows.
+ Affordable silk screen prints.

::21 more days until Yellow Canoe relocates to Madison, WI::

Monday, December 3, 2007


Thanks for all of your votes on flickr, through emails, and on the blog about fabric colors.

These are the 5 fabrics I chose to start with for the upcoming block printed pillows.

I hope to release my first design by December 11, but no promises because I'm moving to a new city on December 26 so I've been a busy bee.

I'm also working on a consignment order to be shipped out to Birch in New York.

19 Packages are being shipped today as well, so if you've purchased anything within the past week, you will see it soon.

Today is the day...the big day...that I tell me "real job" that I'm leaving in two weeks.

Two short weeks until I am self employed.

Thank you everybody who helped make this possible, I couldn't do it without you.