Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lots of new stuff!

I've been quite busy getting Yellow Canoe ready for the holiday season.

Most of my days are filled with new creations, although I did take some time off after a recent show I did. (The show went terribly...not many buyers at all. I only sold one thing, but I suppose that's alright. It's the experience that counts, right?)

Anway, I've been meaning to tell you for over a week now...I'm sure you've all heard about the lovely Sia from Sia Grafica. If you haven't you should check out her blog, she has some really great stuff! It's one of those "eye candy" blogs. Well, she was kind enough to interview me and post it on her blog! It's mainly about Yellow Canoe, but there are some other questions as well. I love the way she put it together with all the photos. I told her to feel free to use any images she wanted, and she really went to town! (Thanks, Sia!). So since I didn't tell you when I should have, you all missed out on the 10% off discount that was going on. I feel badly about it so I'm still offering the discount until November 27th. BUT in order to get the new price, PLEASE tell me that you read about it on my Yellow Canoe blog in the "message to seller" box via Etsy, and then wait for a revised invoice. **This offer excludes shipping**.

Alright, onto item photos...

So I told you I've been busy, here is about half of what I've made since I finished my little break last week...

Most are still available.

These are part of the new "Raw" series. This is a shot before I added the hooks...
They are $20 each; much more affordable than the other jewelry/key racks.

The only illustrated key rack I've made yet...I plan on making more like this, though!

This was a custom order.

I don't have much green in my shop, so I added a couple green things last week...

Okay. That's all for now. You can go visit my Operation Paper Cut blog to see what else is going on around here!


lisa s said...

OMG - you have been busy.... looks great!
yay about the interview!

amy said...

aww that little green owl is killing me :) your work is beautiful!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

OH ERIN! Yellow Canoe certainly agrees with you, these new original pieces are so amazing. I got a tinge of adreneline when I clicked onto your post.

gracia said...

Fantastic! I am off to read the interview. Congratulations... g xx

bugheart said...

so wonderful!
i don't know
you find the time!