Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sometimes things don't need titles.

The newest:
I am also working on a Moroccan patterned jewelry holder, but I misplaced the hooks so I can't finish it until I track them down. (I'm good for doing 5 things at once and leaving trails of my stuff EVERYWHERE when my husband isn't home. I found my stereo remote in the bathroom drawer the other day because I go into super-clean-up mode 20 minutes before he gets home and things end up in strange places.) I will post the photo as soon as I can find them, if we get some sunlight today.

Tomorrow I am heading out to Virginia to visit a great friend of mine, so all orders placed after 1:00 p.m. EST on Thursday will be shipped on Tuesday (October 2nd).

I am currently searching for ink that I can use for block printing onto fabric. As soon as I find one that I am happy with, I will begin posting textiles for the home. I'm shooting for the first or second week of October. If you know of a great ink (I have 2 in mind but I am always up for suggestions) feel free to post about it.

***I adjusted the comment moderation, I didn't realize until today that not everybody could leave a comment. My apologies! Everything should be fixed now.***

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mezamashii said...

I so do that!My husband laughs because when we go to leave the house, I have to retrace my steps to find my hairclip, phone, keys, purse, shoes... LOL.

That jewelry holder is going to be neat!